Delivering Hope in Ukraine, One Bed at a Time

Delivering Hope in Ukraine, One Bed at a Time

At Zinus, harmony and happiness are at the core of our culture—for our customers, for our employees, and for our communities. And through the years we've kept this mission in mind, creating hundreds of products for the home designed to bring joy to those who use them. However, we also recognize that there are many families and communities around the world who currently lack the infrastructure to click to buy essentials and have them delivered quickly. Communities that are in dire need of necessities like food, shelter, and a place to sleep.

The current humanitarian crisis in Ukraine has impacted the lives of millions of civilian refugees who’ve been displaced from their homes. To say the least, their harmony has been disrupted in a very significant and unimaginable way. For Zinus founder, TP Lee, and our global Zinus family, it’s no surprise that long-held values of social responsibility and neighborly love have called them to give 100,000 Zinus Hope mattresses and bed frames to help those affected by this tragedy.

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Distribution of these critical resources will be provided in partnership with the Red Cross Korea and the Red Cross Ukraine through the end of 2022 in areas affected by the war.

Mr. Lee expresses recognition that “our business would not have flourished without the support of our communities” and that giving back is one of the key values that led him to cultivate a socially responsible global company in the first place. "While we can’t imagine how it feels to have lost everything as some people have in this war, we wanted to help ease their pain by sharing what we can to further our commitment to bringing happiness to our communities.”

We are thankful to have this opportunity to provide those who’ve lost everything with a comfortable place to sleep, but many more resources are still needed in Ukraine. If you wish to help, we encourage you to visit the International Committee Of The Red Cross to find out how you can make a difference.