Do You Need a Mattress Topper or a New Mattress?

Do You Need a Mattress Topper or a New Mattress?

In years past, the typical way to improve a mattress’s comfort was to start fresh and buy a brand new one, new-mattress price tag and all. But today, not every middle-aged mattress is unsalvageable. Enter the mattress topper - a way to improve the comfort level of your existing mattress for much less than the cost of a brand new mattress. Yet, although we have a first-rate selection of Zinus mattress toppers to choose from, there are certain mattress issues that a topper just won’t solve. Is your mattress past the point of a temporary fix? Read on to diagnose your situation.

(And don’t panic. No matter the problem, rest assured that we’ve got plenty of affordable solutions to have you sleeping comfortably once again!)

New mattress or topper?

Use the checklists below to determine which option is best for you.

You may need a new mattress if...

  • Your mattress is over 10 years old
  • You no longer feel well rested after a night's sleep
  • Your body weight has changed dramatically since the time you bought your current mattress
  • Your mattress squeaks with movement
  • There is a noticeable sag or indentations where your body tends to rest You're suffering from dust allergies

illustration of topper unboxing

If none of the above conditions apply to your mattress, then a topper may be just the trick.

Consider a topper to...

  • Soften the feel of your mattress
  • Cool you down if you sleep hot
  • Attain more customized joint or lumbar support
  • Maintain your mattress's cleanliness by warding off bacteria and dust-mites

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What does a mattress topper do?

Generally, a mattress topper enters the picture when your mattress alone isn’t quite meeting your comfort needs. Whether you’re looking to soften or firm up your bed, the right topper can give you the feel you desire. Normally, this supportive layer sits right on top of your mattress and rests beneath your fitted sheet. Varying in thickness from about one to five inches, factors like depth and material will influence its feel and its price tag (although, toppers are meant to be significantly less expensive than a mattress itself). Expect a good quality topper to hold up for about five years, half the lifetime of a decent mattress.

Additionally, toppers can be a creative solution to assist with certain sleep issues, like joint pain or hot sleeping. They can even act as a great preventative tool in warding off pesky critters like bed bugs, bacteria and dust mites. Who knew?

mattress topper benefits

If you’ve run through the checklists above and your mattress is still in good shape, consider enhancing it with a topper for better comfort.


Where a topper falls short

Although we believe wholeheartedly in the abilities of our toppers, there are certain mattress issues that they simply can’t fix. The reality is that many of us may consider purchasing a topper just because a new mattress seems like a large financial burden. But lucky for you, crafting high-quality mattresses at affordable, won’t-break-the-bank prices is what we do. Gone are the days of shelling out four figures for a decent replacement.

If your mattress is no longer cutting it, it’s likely time for you to move on to greener pastures (and trust us, your physical and mental well-being will thank you for it). And with Zinus, your best mattress fit doesn’t have to be overpriced or hard to find. In fact, many of our expertly designed, superbly comfortable options are under $500. Need a little help picking the right one? Explore our How to Choose the Right Mattress article to get started.


Let's review

In the end, a mattress topper will not magically fix an old or misshapen mattress. Much like masking symptoms instead of correcting the root of the problem, adding a topper to a poor quality mattress is often a waste of time and money. On the other hand, a carefully chosen topper has the power to turn your new or middle-aged mattress into a customized sleep sanctuary. The answer lies in a proper mattress diagnosis. And you don’t have to call the doctor! Treatment is as easy as following the tips above to determine your comfiest and most cost-effective outlook.