How to Refresh Your Bedroom Decor for Spring

How to Refresh Your Bedroom Decor for Spring

Update your home for spring with tips and inspiration from blogger and interior decorator Stephanie Jane Cameron.

Update your bedroom decor for spring with tips and inspiration from blogger and interior decorator Stephanie Jane Cameron.

April showers bring May flowers, and springtime brings a sense of refresh along with spring decorating ideas. A bright new season is a popular time to clear away clutter and give an uplift to your space that matches the warmer, sunnier days.

So we asked Southern California blogger and interior decorator Stephanie Jane Cameron to share her tips to freshen up your home for spring as she updates her guest bedroom.

Start with a Game Plan

Before moving any furniture or buying new pieces, take some time to figure out what you want for your space. You don’t need a concrete plan but having a general idea will save you time and money. Stephanie’s tip: center your redecorating around one focal point, like a piece of furniture.

“When designing any space, I usually start with the rug since it is the foundation of a room. In this case I already had the rug, so I was really looking for a showstopper of a headboard or bed to be the focal point of this space, and I definitely found that in the Charlotte Upholstered Platform Bed! The rest of the design flowed from there.”

Set the Mood

mood board

Gathering inspiration from decorating blogs and websites can help you focus in on a specific aesthetic you’re aiming for in your room. Search for spring decorating ideas or spring home decor to get some ideas for affordable decor.

Putting all your ideas and inspiration on one mood board can also help you visualize what you want. Stephanie recommends figuring out all your focal point pieces of furniture then creating your board. “I create my mood boards on PowerPoint… As I source the items I will pull in photos from the web, remove the background, and layer them into my mood board. It really helps to be able to see the colors, patterns, and other elements together in one place… a mood board creates a great jumping off point for the direction you want to go with the design.”

Mix New with Comforting

When updating your home for spring, don’t be afraid to try something new! Mix in different textures and materials, like Stephanie did with the Charlotte Upholstered Platform Bed. “Layering different textures in a space instantly takes the design up a notch and can make even the most neutral, minimal space feel cozy and interesting. Velvet is one of my very favorite materials and I always try to incorporate it into a space when given the opportunity! I also love a good channel tufted headboard, and the combination of the two made the [bed] the perfect choice for this space.”

euro top mattress and charlotte platform bed

Adding comfortable items is also an easy way to freshen up your home and make the space feel like home without breaking your budget. “In terms of comfort, it was important to have a comfortable, high quality mattress in our guest bedroom. We host family and friends in our home frequently and it was very important to me to provide a soft, comfortable, beautiful space for our guests to rest, recharge, and feel right at home. The Pressure Relief Euro Top iCoil® Hybrid Mattress does just that!”

Look at the Details

An easy, affordable decor tip to update your home for spring? Switch up smaller items, like blankets, artwork or even adding fresh flowers!

“My favorite way to switch up my decor for different seasons is by switching out smaller items like pillows, throws, and art, and bringing in seasonal florals and greenery. Most of my home gets some sort of small seasonal updates, but I especially love making little changes in the bedrooms - I think it just makes those spaces feel so fresh and calming!”

Go with the Flow

charlotte platform bed frame

And finally, don’t be afraid to adjust things as you redecorate. Your room may not look exactly like your mood board and that’s okay. Mood boards “may or may not work just as well once you see them in person and things always change a little bit, but… I truly believe that everyone should be able to create a home that they love no matter their home size, skill set, budget, etc.”