How Zinus is Changing the Game When It Comes to Easy Assembly Furniture

How Zinus is Changing the Game When It Comes to Easy Assembly Furniture

In this day and age, there are many advantages to buying flat pack furniture. In most cases, it’s inexpensive, lightweight and can be ordered online so you get to skip the showroom altogether. Although, far too many of us have had the experience of hauling that furniture box into the house with the excitement that your new home addition is finally here, all to realize shortly after unboxing that it’s broken down into a million pieces with pages and pages of indecipherable instructions. Oh, and you’ll need to rummage through the garage for a drill, socket wrench, level and hammer before you can get started. And voilà! Several hours later, you have a wobbly new piece of furniture with a handful of screws and washers that (for some reason) didn’t get used along the way. But you did it. You completed this seemingly impossible setup, and only grew a few new grey hairs along the way.

We wish this kind of furniture-building experience was just a joke, but unfortunately, many of us have been through a very real, similar ordeal. At Zinus, it’s precisely because of this struggle that we’re dedicated to changing the game when it comes to assembly. To take the frustration out of setting up your own furniture, we craft our assembly with three things in mind:

  1. Include all required tools (and some of our products even come together with no tools needed)
  2. Easy to understand instructions
  3. Building time that takes under an hour (in some cases just minutes!), whether it’s a bed frame, sofa or box spring

And best of all, every piece we have is beginner-friendly; no advanced engineering degree required!

Still need some convincing? Check out some of the different experiences from actual customers who have unboxed and assembled our products.

Is building a platform bed difficult?

We make assembling our platform beds incredibly simple so even a novice can piece it together. Each of our bed frames include all pieces and tools required to assemble them in under an hour.

 Oyin (@sweetlikeoyin) fell in love instantly with our bestselling Suzanne Platform Bed Frame from the moment she put it together all by herself.

Are tools included with the platform bed?

Of course, we include all tools needed to assemble our platform beds. We've cleverly packed everything into the headboard of our upholstered frames.

Above all else, Holly (@calling_allcreators) was impressed with the clever packaging and quick assembly time of our Lottie Platform Bed Frame.

Are tools required to assemble a sofa?

Nope! We've expertly engineered most of our sofas to require no tools at all for assembly, making setup a snap.

Think a full-sized sofa can’t be shipped to your home in a single box and ready for serious couching in just 10 minutes? Think again! Kate (@katechipinski) tells us how effortlessly her Pascal Sofa came together.

Does it take long to put together a sofa?

Most of our sofas can be put together in less than 10 minutes, seriously!

 Kara (@karawardinteriors) explains how one of our armless sofas can be assembled in the time it takes for you to wait out a commercial break.