What Is a Hybrid Mattress?

What Is a Hybrid Mattress?

Most people are familiar with the two most common mattress types—spring and memory foam. And both of them have some serious benefits to offer when it comes to getting great sleep. In more recent years, hybrid mattresses were created to offer an in-between option that incorporates the advantages of both.

What is a hybrid mattress?

A hybrid mattress consists of foam layers on top of springs to give you the cushiony feel of a memory foam mattress with the supportive firmness and durability of a spring mattress.

cooling gel hybrid foam layers with independent springs

How does a hybrid mattress differ from a traditional spring mattress?

Whereas a typical spring mattress utilizes a thin top layer of fiber padding or other synthetic cushioning on top of coils, hybrid mattresses begin with a substantial layer of mattress foam, like our proprietary Green Tea Memory Foam or our cloud-like Zinus Comfort Foam. This addition helps the mattress better conform to your shape, instead of the mattress forcing your shape into an unnatural position that creates painful pressure points.

The benefits of a hybrid mattress

Since a hybrid can be thought of as the perfect fusion between a foam mattress and spring mattress, they let the sleeper reap the many benefits of both. Mattress foam has the ability to really conform to the body’s shape, working with your form, not against it. Morning aches and pains are often caused by a mattress that doesn’t provide proper support to the spine, hips or shoulders, and foam is especially helpful for cushioning those high-pressure areas. Springs, on the other hand, have the advantage of enhanced durability, added airflow and a bouncier sensation without that sink-in feeling.

Furthermore, thanks to modern technology, the foams in a hybrid mattress can be infused with various ingredients known to improve sleep quality. Natural additives like green tea, charcoal, and copper can help neutralize odors, kill bacteria and even cool down your body temperature when it overheats.

And finally, the best hybrid mattress options are constructed with individually wrapped coils. Unlike a typical innerspring mattress with springs that are interconnected to one another, individually encased coils move one by one when pressure is applied. These types of springs, just like the ones found in our Independent Coil System, provide incredible pressure-relief for the joints and spine because they conform to the body’s natural curvatures. Add enveloping foam layers to the top of this carefully crafted base structure, and you’ve got the recipe for soothing sleep that’s especially beneficial for back and joint pain sufferers.

Who is a hybrid mattress best suited for?

Hybrids are an excellent choice for those transitioning from one type of mattress to another, or those that enjoy the hugging feel of foam but also the bounciness of springs. We’d also recommend them for individuals who are looking to upgrade their worn-out innerspring mattress with a more luxurious version.

And as mentioned above, a hybrid mattress can make a world of difference for those that have trouble getting to sleep because of back, hip, shoulder or knee pain.

family on suzanne platforma bed frame and hybrid mattress

Additionally, many couples and co-sleeping families will enjoy the motion-isolating effect of the individually encased coils that come with most hybrid models. Since encased springs are not connected to one another like a traditional coil system, movement on the mattress surface stays isolated to one spot, and doesn’t affect the entire surface. This means even light sleepers can get their much needed rest without being disturbed by their partner, kids or pets.

If you’re still unsure about whether a hybrid mattress is right for you, we encourage you to check out our Memory Foam vs Spring Mattresses blog to learn more about the various kinds of mattresses available. But if you’re ready to experience the many benefits of this modern sleep system, explore our best selling hybrid mattresses.