Cooling Copper Adaptive Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress

The search for an innovative, premium mattress at a not-so-premium price ends here. The Cooling Copper Adaptive Hybrid Mattress has been expertly developed to offer you a multitude of sleep enhancing technologies at a price that’s worth shouting from the rooftops. It all begins with a poly jacquard cover treated with Adaptive technology. This remarkable fabric uses your excess body heat and moisture to trigger evaporation as you sleep, so you no longer wake up from overheating. And the cooling action doesn’t stop there. Just beneath this cover is thermoregulating copper-infused memory foam, a layer that effortlessly dispels unwanted heat. In addition to keeping you perfectly temperature-regulated, this memory foam boasts one more secret ingredient – pure and natural green tea. When paired together, copper and green tea are an unstoppable team of bacteria fighting, odor neutralizing elements that will keep you feeling fresh for countless nights to come. It’s all situated on top of a base layer of dependable iCoil pocket springs that resist motion transfer from a partner and provide cradling support. And for those who like to live (and sleep) on the edge, we’ve added a layer of extra foam encasement for superior edge support. Like all our mattresses, the Cooling Copper Adaptive Mattress is expertly rolled and packed with a 10-year into one convenient box that ships right to your door. And presto! This mattress proves that reasonably priced and luxurious actually do go hand in hand. Who knew?